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There are no private vehicles on the island, only utility vehicles for the guests of the most distant hotels.

There are several boats linking Morro de Sao Paulo to Gamboa and Valença.

To Boipeba Island, there is only one boat per day, which makes the trip around Tinharé Island.

The only road is from the village to Fourth and Encanto Beaches. Beyond that, there are only paths which can be crossed by hiking or on horseback, and some which can be crossed on a tractor or a 4x4 vehicle.

In the village there are some steep pathways, and luggage can be carried by porters. However, it is best to set a price before hiring them.

There are single and twin-engine planes that leave from the international airport of Salvador, and arrive in about 20 minutes at the Third or Fourth Beach.

See also the road map of the region.


Tinhare archipelago - Morro de Sao Paulo A vila de Morro de São Paulo
To Valença:
- Fast boats take 30 to 40 minutes and cost R$ 18,00 (weekdays) or R$ 20,00 (weekends and holidays).
- Slow boats and "saveiros" (light wooden boats) take between ninety minutes and two hours and cost R$ 6,00.
- Or you can take a slow boat to the Atracadouro (“mooring”), which is near Ponta do Curral, and take a bus to Valença. It will take about an hour and cost R$ 8,00.

To Gamboa:
- There are only slow boats, but they take 15 minutes and cost R$ 3,00.

To Salvador:
You need to buy a ticket at an accredited travel agency. See the schedules.

Harbor boarding tax:
To board any boat at any port of the region, there is a R$ 0,62 tax, to be paid directly at the port.


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