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Clima and Season in Morro de São Paulo


The most crowded period is the time between Christmas and the first few days after Carnival. Therefore, it is also the most expensive period. In July and August, there is a European season, but it is not as crowded as January. Long Brazilian holidays also tend to mean a larger influx of tourists. From September to December, the weather is very pleasant and there are few people on Morro de São Paulo.


Hot and humid. Temperatures range between 20-30°C (68-86ºF).

The historical average in °C, from 1960 to 1990, month-to-month

The maximum temperature rarely exceeds 30° C (86ºF)

The minimum does not go lower than 21°C (70ºF)

It rains more often during the months from April to June (graph in mm)

It is also more clouded during the same season (in tenths)

insolation is also lower (sun hours)

as well as the evaporation (in mm)

resulting in greater humidity (% relative)

Origem dos dados dos gráficos: INMET

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