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Boats in Morro de São Paulo

On the way to Morro de Sao Paulo you will already find various types of boats. Some of them have sailed here for centuries, while others are very recent.


It's the typical boat of Bahia, artisan-made. It is constructed of wood and can vary in size and type of use, such as a cargo or fishing boat, or still hold up to one hundred passengers. They face sea conditions that many modern boats do not face. Its original propulsion is by sail, but today they all count on diesel engines.

  Saveiro boat in Morro de Sao Paulo


Of indigenous origin, they are dug out of a single immense tree trunk. They are guided by either oar or sail. Used in artisan fishing.

  Canoe in Morro de Sao Paulo

Speed boat

They are small, but very fast. They transport passengers in sheltered waters, such as the route to Valença. In portuguese are named "lancha rápida".

  Speed boat to Morro de Sao Paulo

Slow boat

Is very much like the saveiro, but it has frontal command and a sheltered area for passengers, as well as other modifications. It is used to transport cargo and passengers to Valença.

  Boat to Morro de Sao Paulo


It is any boat with two hulls. They are steadier than the monohull boats, and are used for passenger transport to Salvador. They support 35 to 150 passengers.

  Catamaran to Morro de Sao Paulo


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