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Commitment to Sustainability

Rota Tropical is a member of the WHL - World Hotel Link, an organization that promotes sustainable global tourism. We follow the principles of development the local tourism companies in sustainable practices, whether an environmental nature, cultural or educational. Meet some of our initiatives:

Promoting and qualification of local labor
About 40% of our employees are from the local community. The current policy of the company is hiring employees from other locations only if is no availability in the region, which now accounts for 60% of seats.
As the main impediment the hiring of local labor is the lack of English skills, we offer an educational grant for several of ours co-workers, so they can attend an English course.

  Rota Tropical team - Morro de Sao Paulo
Library open to the public    
The library began as a hobby, now has more than 500 books. The specialty is the genre "adventure" with travel books, sailing and mountaineering, but also has a considerable collection of Brazilian and foreign literature, classics and juvenile books. The library is open to all tourists and the community who can attend and check out those books for free.   Library - Morro de Sao Paulo
Humpback Whale
In partnership with the “Instituto Baleia Jubarte”, we developed a whale watching tour, following the principles of sustainability and contributing, even financially, with the whale’s preservation.
  Humpback whale - Morro de Sao Paulo
Optimal use of energy    
Every lamps in the company's headquarters, both in attendance as a front and back office are economic, resulting in energy savings of about 80%. Still, in many areas the company uses only natural energy during the day, further enhancing the economy.
Practically all desktop computers have been replaced by laptops, which consumes 70% less energy. And the natural ventilation allows keeping a pleasant working place, even in the warmer season of the year, without using the air-conditioner.
  Travel agency - Morro de Sao Paulo

Recycled Paper and “non-paper”
With few exceptions, all the paper used in the company is recycled. Moreover, in most applications is used printed front-and-verse. Almost all communication within the company is already electronic, decreasing by 70% the use of paper.

Choice of partners
Rota Tropical always have a preference for working with partners that also develops sustainable activities. And you can collaborate with local sustainability by making your reservations with a partner that follows the principle of "Caring for destination" in the destinations where we operate: Morro de São Paulo, Itacaré e Salvador.


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