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Our Staff

Rota Tropical is supported by a very caring and agile group of people, ready to help – be that help in English, Spanish, Italian, German and, of course, in good, sound Portuguese!
Mariana of Morro de São Paulo  
Rafael Ramires
is a graduate in Tourism, traveled for two years around the globe, and while at it, gained some experience in eco-tourism. He speaks English and Spanish fluently.

Mariana Becker
has spent her life working with tourists, lived two years in Italy. Her Italian is perfect!

  Rafael of Morro de São Paulo
Raica of Morro de São Paulo  
Marcio Link
graduated in Business Administration, has a post graduate degree in Tourism. He also co-owned and managed, during four years, an ecotourism business in southern Brazil, until he chose Morro de São Paulo.
He speaks English and Spanish

Raica Metz
works with Physical Education, has extensive experience with groups and exercise therapy. Speaks German.

  Marcio of Morro de São Paulo
William of Morro de São Paulo  

Giselle Schild
also works with Physical Education, is very outgoing and friendly. She has also worked as a guide in southern Brazil, has experience with rafting and kayaking.

William Wazlawik
works with marketing and has gone on several expeditions throughout the southern states of Brazil. He was Marcio’s business partner, as well as a mountain instructor and guide. He speaks German and English.

  Giselle of Morro de São Paulo
Patricia Ferreira
Graduated in tourism, has had its own ecotourism business in Mato Grosso do Sul, before coming to Rota Tropical. Here, she works as travel consultant. She speaks english and spanish.

Osvaldo Carvalho
He studied engineering and mathematics at UFBA. Worked with tourism in Salvador, Praia do Forte and Morro de Sao Paulo. And in Rota Tropical is Sales Assistant, working with update rates for all hotel partners.

Lidiane Pereira
Born in Salvador, lives Gamboa's villa.
She graduated in Tourism from the local college. Started doing internship, trough the time was being promoted in the company and today is Travel Agent.

Luís Alberto Felman
Better known as "Lucho", born in Mar Del Plata, Argentina. Graduated in international trade, worked for many years managing fisheries branch companies. Now on Rota Tropical is Travel Agent. Speaks Spanish and English.

Bárbara Ramos
Baiana from Salvador, has been an English teacher, waitress, receptionist and owner of travel agency and is now bilingual Travel Agent in Rota Tropical.

Cleude de Jesus
Native from Morro de São Paulo is our "life-saver", responsible to keep the agency clean and organized.

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