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Morro de São Paulo Tips


There are some private doctors, a health center and two pharmacies. The nearest hospital is in Valença, half an hour away on a fast boat.

Preventive Care

Ultraviolet radiation is very intense in the tropics. It is not healthful be in the sun without sunscreen. Avoid home-made preparations, as well the oils sold in the region, such as urucum (annatto) and others, which do not provide protection from the sun.

If you have never eaten anything with dendê (African oilpam) oil before, avoid eating too much of it the first time around. It can lead to certain intestinal dysfunctions.

Also, go slow with the pepper. In Bahia, it is very strong.


Compared to any Brazilian city, Morro de Sao Paulo is very safe. Robberies and other crimes are rare. Walking around most places is safe even at night. But don’t overdo it! Don't leave wallets and electronic devices lying around on the beach.



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