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Morro de São Paulo Attractions


Morro de Sao Paulo is actually the name of the village in the extreme north of Tinharé island, however it's fame made the name popular to the entire island, and the archipelago also. It's where the historical monuments and the commerce are concentrated.

  Village of Morro de Sao Paulo


One of the largest in Brazil, the wall runs from the Portaló to the mount, where the Lighthouse is located. The construction initiated in 1630, and it was enlarged several times, some parts were reconstructed when damaged by rain and time. During Brazil’s colonial period it had 51 cannons, while 183 men lived in the village garrison.

  Fort of Morro de Sao Paulo


For those arriving by sea, it's the first monument seen in Morro de Sao Paulo. Nothing more than a gate, with a welcome message to the visitor, dated from the 17th century and standing untill today.

  Gate of Morro de Sao Paulo


It is the most outstanding construction in Morro de Sao Paulo. A friendly arm for those at the sea as well as for those on land, it is a perfect spot to admire a calm night, full of stars. You can reach the Lighthouse through a trail that begins in front of the Church. There are two belvederes close to it, the northward one is where you can see the port - "Ponta do Curral", and a bit of the Gamboa beach. The other facing south, is where you can see the main post card of Morro: the first three beaches. It is also the starting point of Brazil’s highest "tiroleza". You must go there to take photos and admire the landscape!

  Lighthouse of Morro de Sao Paulo
  First beach in Morro de Sao Paulo

Nossa Senhora da Luz Church

This building was constructed 1845, but its statues date of previous centuries. Before its actual location, the church was next to the lighthouse. Besides having escaped pillaging several times, it is probably the last church in Bahia to keep the tradition of burying illustrious people in its interior.

  Church of Morro de Sao Paulo

Fonte Grande - "Great Fountain"

Dated from then 17th century it was build to supply water for the town, its shape is workmanship of a French architect, who commanded the construction in 1746. It was the most advanced system of water treatment of the Brazilian colonial period, with galleries for underground water capture, and watering hole for decantation and flow regularization.

  Fountain of Morro de Sao Paulo


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